VIVA HOME DEPOT was first known as Viva Tiles Center in 1998 . It first opened its doors in a 6 meter by 6 meter store area along the Concepcion Grande National highway. Back in 1998, VIVA was a simple Tile & Bath store whose product mix consists only of Tiles and Sanitary Wares. The first years were a rough start for the budding company as most clienteles go to Metro Manila to buy their supplies, not to mention that the location of the store was too far away from the downtown city proper.

In order for customers to visit the store, VIVA housed unique designs for the bathroom and one-of-a-kind designs for the tiles . The designs were so appealing and unique that people started buying most of their Tile & Bath needs from the store. After two years, the store expended its product mix by including wood products, bathroom accessories, wall cladding, lighting fixtures and DIY items. By this time, the store flourished into a 500 square meter building that housed both its display area and warehouse. VIVA continued to grow, geared with its high quality items and excellent service.

It is in 2004 that VIVA TILES CENTER became VIVA HOME DEPOT and expanded its quaint store into a 1,000 square meter Mega-showroom . The two-storey building contained its wide variety of product mix which includes Tiles, Bathroom Fixtures, DIY Items, Wood products, Wall Claddings, Furnitures and Lightings. It wasnít long before the store became the pioneer in supplying finishing materials in the Bicol Region. Homeowners, Engineers, Contractors and Architects for Naga City and its nearby towns travel to the VIVA HOME DEPOT showroom for the wide array of choices, excellent sales staff service and home finishing ideas.

In 2008, VIVA HOME DEPOT explored the downtown city market by opening its second store in Penafrancia Avenue, Centro . Another Mega showroom that offered something Top-Of-The-Line finishing materials at affordable prices, the store grew with a reputation for beauty and quality that the customerís homes become beautiful and impressive.

After 10 years, VIVA has become a household name that was synonymous with beautiful finishing materials that are made to impress but can be bought at affordable prices. An industry leader in its own right, the name VIVA summed up its own personality in its four-letter word. VIVA, Very Impressive, Very Affordable!

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